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I am a christian woman! I am happyly married to my best friend Houston. Together we have two beautiful children, our oldest is a girl named Railee, and a son named Zibe. I have been teaching 6 years. This will be my second year teaching First Grade at Trenton Elementary School.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trees are brown!

Living down this dirt road, it gives me so much to learn about life. It helps you slow down and take it day by day! (If I was always on the go, my car would be dust color.) My kids have taught me so much when is comes life. Most importantly I learn their interest and passions. For example, Railee loves horses. Anything about them, books, figurines, etc. She is nothing like I was has a kid...who grew up on pavement. Now Zibe is my outdoors boy. Just like his daddy. He loves fishing and hunting and can't forget catching bugs. Another way he is like his daddy is eyes. Even though Zibe's are brown and Houston's are green, they see life the same simple colors...that they see the same. Zibe has taught us that when we look at trees that they are one color... BROWN. Not just the trunk but the whole thing. Got to love living down a dirt road!