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I am a christian woman! I am happyly married to my best friend Houston. Together we have two beautiful children, our oldest is a girl named Railee, and a son named Zibe. I have been teaching 6 years. This will be my second year teaching First Grade at Trenton Elementary School.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girl with a Pearl

Another adventure to Sea World, and another time for Railee to beg to go see the "mermaids" that dive for the oysters. You can get one for $ Railee brought her birthday money this time!

So this is how it works:
First you go to the bridge and ask the divers for some oysters to choose which one you want!

They say the ugliest oyster is the pretties pearl, but Railee chooses a pretty oyster...

Now it is time to get the oyster open to see what beauty it holds,

Repeat after me...
Opa, opa, OPEN

Sorry Railee, couldn't hear...say it louder!

And behold the pretty pearl your oyster has made!

Time to get it cleaned, polished, and measured!

Now Railee is...

A Girl with a Pearl!