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I am a christian woman! I am happyly married to my best friend Houston. Together we have two beautiful children, our oldest is a girl named Railee, and a son named Zibe. I have been teaching 6 years. This will be my second year teaching First Grade at Trenton Elementary School.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A day of Scalloping

July 8th, started out in a gloomy way. We had big plans to go scalloping for the first time, but the weather radar showed us that it might not be possible.

After looking at the radar, we believe it is going to blow over, so we decide to head to the boat ramp.

Well we get on the boat and we are sure that the kids are suited up! They are so excited!

Zibe, Lois, and Railee

Once we get to hopefully to a good spot, we dive in, on our search for some scallops.

Zibe, Houston, and Railee

The kids had a blast looking for sea creatures! That included scallops, sea urchins, a shell with a crab inside, and some "round thing" as the kids called it!

Sea Urchin

Shell with alive crab inside!


Some "round thing"!

The kids had a great time on the water. It was their first time being on a boat! They became natural scallop divers.

And we can't forget how the girls had to get a sun tan!

Or the boy having to catch a nap!

When we got back to the boat ramp, the kids had a great time look for fiddler crabs. Poor crabs, the kids never gave up...but never caught one!!

On the way home, let's just say the kids were hungry!

Especially Zibe!

Next came a lesson on cleaning scallops! Can I say INTERESTING! Scallops on ice, a Shop vac and a spoon! I would have never guessed that!

Houston sucking out the "stuff"!

Railee scraping out the scallop!

Zibe scraping out scallops!

Can't wait until the next time we get to go scalloping!