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I am a christian woman! I am happyly married to my best friend Houston. Together we have two beautiful children, our oldest is a girl named Railee, and a son named Zibe. I have been teaching 6 years. This will be my second year teaching First Grade at Trenton Elementary School.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blogging on the Cell

Trying to learn new things all the time. Well this time, I am learning how to blog through my cell phone... We will see how it goes.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Life is a Beach!

We were packed and ready to a week at the beach, and all Zibe could do is ask, "Which way to the water?" He was so excited. I am not sure if it was his new googles, or the fact that we had burned his water wings and he was going to get the chance to swim like a "BIG boy." And as you all know, he is a BIG boy!

On our way out of town I met up with my BFF, Christy to do some last minute beach shopping. We tried on a variety of hatys and this big floppy one was the best choice. When Houston saw it, he asked me why I didn't get a "Kenny" style hat! What a country boy!

Well we had at the beach, alot of family time...lets just say 11 of us, 6 adults and 5 kids...which one of those was a 6 month old baby.  But our vacation didn't start out has a blast. We get to our hotel on Wednesday which ends up not meeting our expectations...even a roach would not stay there! so we load all of our luggage and to one vehicle and all the bodies in another and drive down the beach hotel to hotel to find something, anything, better than what we were in.  We finnally did!

Ocean Treasures

One of the days we are in a hunt for awesome shelss, which are rare to find (unless you go to the junk store across the street and buy something) My awesome hunters, Houston and Zibe fing a live star fish and a snail!
If only we had a salt water tank to keep them alive...well we don't so we are going to murder them for our shell jar. Pray for our sins!!

The beach trip is over and we had a great time!