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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fishing as a McKenzie

Let's just say, today was a beautiful day for fishing.
Here was our plan:
We have 11 red bellies in our fridge soaking in water just waiting to be battered and fried up for dinner. We decided this day was the day we were going to catch the rest! Houston and Railee had found the "Honey Hole" and we were bound to catch us some good size red bellies to finish us off. So we wake up at the crack of dawn to come to our secret spot. Has soon had Railee cast her pole... She is a natural fisheman...she gets the first bite on the pole!

A red belly!

"It is going to be a great day," she says! Well then two minutes Zibe's pole is being pulled on by another fish. He says this will be the biggest red belly yet. The fish is putting up a fight, he must have known what was coming to him!
Finally when he gets it reeled is not a red belly at all. You'll never guess what it was! No not a tire or seaweed.
It was a:

A large mouth bass!

Well as you can see, the bass wasn't 12 inches, so we had to put it back in the pond. You want to talk about one up set boy, ranting and raving about how it is not fair that Railee gets to keep hers and he had to put back.
Let's just say... That was the start of our bad luck.

We weren't getting any bites, so we reel up the lines and check the bait and recast. Well when we recast Railee's brand new pole, the whole reel comes flying off, we are able to get it put back together and realize the button is missing and no where to be found.

Well then the same thing happens to Zibe's! Both buttons are missing, we are through with fishing, until we notice the buttons in the shallow end of the rock pit. So here goes the brain to working... Houston decides to go in and get them so we can continue to fish.

Well we get the poles fixed and think our luck is on the rise... NOPE!

We sit and sit for another bite and we are getting nothing!

So after hanging out for about 3 hours we decide to try a different "honey hole".

We think our luck is on the rise. Nip, nip, nip on all the poles, then a bite!

To small to keep but at least we had a bite! Well, that was it! Nothing else but nibble and nips here and there. Must be the turtles that were swimming around stealing our bait!

We ended up with 1 red belly, so we will have 12 total! Guess we will be eating fish and chips for dinner, more chips then fish! But we had a great time, as a family fishing.

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  1. That was a good Daddy that went in after those buttons! Even if you didn't get the fish, you made some memories for sure!!